The Models


The Turmaline is Stoneys creek,s version on a classic model. We made some small changes to were the necks hit the body so you can come to the last frets a little bit easier then on the original model. We make this guitar both solid or as a thinline. A workhorse which has been played for over more than 65 years..

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The Rochelle is one of our own creations which we have designed with a tele and a Les Paul in mind. And then a little bit bigger. Classic looks which will work perfect as a thinline but also as a solid body. The Rochelle can be crafted with your style of pick up configuration as also choices for wood and hardware as on all our guitars.

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The Flint.

The Flint is a combination between an firebird and a jazzmaster. We can build the flint as it is designed but also a reversed model makes a pretty cool looking guitar.

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Clearly inspired by the Rickenbacker model, the Zircon model comes with a nice small lightweight body. This edgy model has an extra option for an inlay of small blocks around the body.

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We'd like to present you with pride: the Obsidian. Les Paul inspired with a very nice scoup and armrest.

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Stoney Creek guitars are handcrafted in The Netherlands with great craftsmanship and attention to detail.