The Guitars so far #021 – #030


Turmaline model with swamp ash body, pallet top. Maple neck with Ebony fretboard. Stoney Creek original pickups. Gotoh light relic hardware. SOLD!


New hybrid model. First Stoney Creek acoustic build, special build!


First double neck Stoney Creek. Black limba on swamp ash body, ebony fretboard with maple necks. 12- and 6 string. For sale at the Stoney Creek guitar store for only €3259,-!


Rochelle model. One piece limba body and neck. The Creamery pick-ups. Comfortable armrest, for sale at Prinz guitars Amsterdam


Special built model. Chambered Mahogany body with a map of America as top. P90 Pick ups, mahogany/ebony neck. Sold!


Rochelle model. Mahogany body with a pallet top. Maple neck, hand wounded SC original pick-ups. Now for sale at WM guitars UK!


Flint model. Blue stained quilted maple top on a swamp ash body. For sale at Guitarking Boekel.


Rochelle model. Tasmanian blackwood top on a chambered swamp ash body. Birds eye maple neck with an ebony fretboard. Duesenberg pick-ups. For sale at the Stoney Creek guitarstore!


Obsidian model. Walnut top on a swamp ash body. Mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard and oval SC inlay. Duesenberg pick-ups. SOLD!


Obsidian model. Flamed maple top on mahogany body. Mahogany with an ebony fretboard oval SC inlay. Duesenberg pick-ups. Sold!