Sustainable Series

A sustainable guitar? You might think: I want one of those, because sustainable means it never breaks down! Well, that is kind of true, because at Stoney Creek, we strive for the highest quality build.
A Stoney Creek guitar will be your playing friend for decades, believe us.

That is not what we meant though. For our Sustainable Series we mean guitars built with a minimal impact on the environment, with maximum musical impact! Because at Stoney Creek we not only care about great guitars, we care about the planet too. So when we started thinking about building guitars with a sustainable signature, we came up with this:

  • Using European woods for the guitar bodies, mostly chestnut. So, no need for woods to be transported long distances overseas, and no contribution to deforestation in the tropics.
  • The satin finish is a water-based lacquer – less impact on our own health too!
  • As little plastic as possible (which no pickguard, for example).