After four hours of playing, the tuning was still on fleak! Unbelievable! This Rochelle kicks your ass and demands you to play everything that it has in it, the longer you play, the harder it get's to put it away.

- Nicky Moeken, did a review on Rochelle #011 for the Guitar Plus magazine -
And the sound .... wooooooooo!!!! Far beyond my expectations! Yesterday we did the ultimate test for #014, rehearsing with 'the Masterminds'. Definition, punch, warmth, amazing sustain and last but not least the 'tone'. Very, very happy, what an instrument!

- Jantje van der Wurff got himself a special built SC #014 -
Totally awesome! Very special!

- Jan Akkerman, no 1 guitarist of the Netherlands ordered one immediately -

Watch Jan play SC #016: Click here
One just simply wasn't enough...

- Frank, proud owner of SC #002 as well as SC #010 -