More Famous State Landmarks in Costa Rica

More Famous State Landmarks in Costa Rica

The quintessential Known Nationwide Attractions in Costa Rica

The quintessential well-known nationwide sites in Costa Rica take you on a whirlwind trip through nation’s long and illustrious history, exhibiting the reality that Costa Rica can be as high in cultural and historic gifts as she is in nature-filled your. From gorgeous centuries-old cathedrals to opulent theatres, mystical archaeological finds and incredible eco-tourism legacies, the following prominent sites attractively enhance the organic riches having generated this package of this world’s many revered travel destinations.

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National Sites in Costa Rica

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, San Jose

Located within defensive structure of a later part of the 18 th -century fortress, the united states’s premier and the majority of vital art gallery can be enthralling in contents since it is in utter visual delight. Utilized while in the municipal battle of 1948 (bullet gaps are nevertheless apparent) the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica supplies a summarized peek in to the reputation for the united states from pre-Columbian times right up for this day and hosts a wealth of breathtaking historic artefacts, war souvenirs and much more.

The fact that the Bellavista Fortress is actually an outright splendor – and the connection of a wonderful butterfly-filled yard and English-language info-boards – get this an absolute must-visit for anybody taking a trip through the funds.

Museo de Oro pre-Columbino, San Jose

Centering on the pre-Columbian period, this ‘museum of gold’ gift ideas a fascinating look into the complex and distinctive features of Costa Rica’s ancient indigenous countries. Discover best nearby towards abovementioned Teatro Nacional, the Museum of pre-Columbian Gold showcases an appealing, thorough and quite glistening selection of ancient silver dating back to to 500AD. From animal statuettes to amulets, jewellery and coins, the selections here are extremely fascinating particularly when you are celebration to ancient record.


Costa Rica’s very first colonial money is but one enormous identify and the home of many nation’s a lot of revered national landmarks. Merely a half hour’s drive south of San Jose, right on the foothills of Irazu Volcano at a height in excess of 4,700’, Cartago ended up being created in the mid-16 th century and thoroughly hurt in a great many damaging earthquakes. Nowadays, Cartago are a striking walk-through outdoor museum, with pedestrian-only accessibility across ruins with the earliest cathedral, along with the picturesque your Ladies of Angels Basilica, unusual material links and picturesque outdated houses. Splendid eateries and plenty of resorts selections indicate you could spend a short time examining the community in big range.

The Dangling Bridges of Arenal

The magnificent clinging bridges of Arenal may not be because older as Cartago however they are just as indicative of the country’s modern background as any old design. An excellent 2-mile trail of 16 bridges – some of which have been hanging – take you on a whirlwind tour through virgin rainforests of Arenal, because they move from highland to lowland ecosystems, exhibiting plant and creatures native to all. An interactive and unforgettable trip through natural history of the region, the hanging bridges of Arenal supply an unrivalled possible opportunity to explore and admire above if not possible from ground level.

Ancient Stone Spheres

The country’s the majority of strange national landmarks become mysterious granite field of varying sizes, found in various places. Her specific date, need, and also the community which created are usually unfamiliar up to now, leading them to increasingly enticing. Receive largely inside Diquis Valley, in addition to Cano Island plus some of the remotest areas of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica’s enigmatic ancient spheres – several of which consider to 15 loads – are typically present in her earliest stores although, on Cano Island, some are moved to an old cemetery from the native Boruca men.

Guayabo de Turrialba

Often ranked as the utmost amazing nationwide landmark in Costa Rica, Guayabo de Turrialba try the most noticeable archaeological website and home to many above-mentioned spheres, also ancient plazas, material created roads, links, aqueducts and property jobs, some of which date back nearly 3,000 age. Used as a ceremonial heart, plus becoming a thriving area for over two millennia, Guayabo is how some of the gold presented inside the pre-Columbian museum was actually found. The national memorial was concealed within the luscious cover associated with rainforest flanking Turrialba Volcano, and recovery really works, along with exploratory excavations, continue to be ongoing and probably is going to be for years to come.

Megalithic Monuments at Rivas

a colossal number of old ceramic, music products and more have been found in an archaeological site which dates back on the Chiriqui duration in the first millennia CE. The megalithic webpages at Rivas, near the funds San Jose, is a fantastic place to check out on each and every day out from the town and is one of Costa Rica’s many picturesque nationwide sites. The modern city of Riva sits only north with the confluence of two rivers and it is presented by a supremely beautiful land. Within area area, there’ve been over 12 archaeological internet discovered going back to the Chiriqui cycle and although the majority of place has grown to be covered in agriculture plots, you may still find a great amount of ruins to locate by foot. A wonderful stop-over on the road to Chirripo.

Petroglyphs of Cacao

Chocolate petroglyphs, you may well ask? Nooo!! The petroglyphs of Cacao Volcano when you look at the Guanacaste state are almost as mysterious just like the granite boulders. Petroglyphs amounts inside their lots as well as have come uncovered near El Pedregal, with more found only not too long ago.

a thoroughly bigger number of megaliths and petroglyphs have already been unearthed around Costa Rica and, although the nation never boasted a robust indigenous mega-culture (like the Incas or Aztecs) as soon as the Spaniards showed up, it is demonstrably apparent they however is where you can find numerous old societies, dating back to 1000s of season.

Visiting various nationwide sites in Costa Rica on your own adventure journey of the nation will certainly grant you the possiblity to check out the historic and social part of this marvelous country. For more information on extensive and eclectic adventure tours of Costa Rica, just e mail us.