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About Stoney Creek Guitars

Stoney Creek Guitars stands for an honest hand built guitar. We have decided to work old school and make everything by hand which, apart from the fact that every guitar gets extra special attention, is great fun to do. Our guitars stand out by their amazing playability, use of special kinds of wood and authenticity. Each guitar is one of a kind and has been worked on with great craftsmanship and precision for detail. Stoney Creek guitars: Sophisticated hand built guitars for any guitar player who fancies something different.


Stoney Creek guitars is part of the ‘De Haan Guitars’ cooperation. De Haan guitars was founded 7 years ago by luthier Frank de Haan. After finishing his education to become a carpenter, he decided to change his course completely and started to educate himself in the art of guitar building. What started in the shed in the backyard of his parents, ended as a true passion. He left the Netherlands and went to the USA for 1,5 years, where he did an education and internship at ‘Galloup’, a well known guitar building school. After his internship, he moved to England to gain more experience. Here he worked for ‘Patrick James Eggle Guitars’.

In 2013 he returned to the Netherlands, where he found his workplace at the Nijverheidsweg 2C in Heiloo. His company with workshop and showroom is still located at this same location. The company exists out of different courses students can follow and the retail of hand built ‘De Haan Guitars’. People do also visit ‘De Haan guitars’ for repairing or setting up their guitar. 

Stoney Creek Guitars

To celebrate De Haan guitars 5-years anniversary, Frank de Haan founded a second brand called ‘Stoney Creek guitars’ in collaboration with Ruben van der Kleij. This brand new brand with international ambitions, produces 5 different models: the Rochelle, Turmaline, Flint, Zircon and Boulder (bass). Since spring 2020, ‘Stoney Creek guitars’ also builds a commercial line called ‘the Contemporary series’.  

The guitars are very well built with extreme precision. They stand out because of the use of different kinds of special woods, their rough and cool looks, ease in playability and authentic sound. ‘Stoney Creek guitars’ does also provide the opportunity to design your own guitar, which they will build on request. And they do not sell to the least of guitar players, Jan Akkerman (The Netherlands most well known guitar player) for example also plays a ‘Stoney Creek guitar’.

So are you looking for a serious and cool guitar, or if you have the ambition of building your own guitar, visit our workshop!

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