What are Stoney Creek Guitars?

The short answer: amazing looks, outstanding playability, hand-built electric guitars at a reasonable price.

The longer answer: Frank de Haan started his guitar building business in 2013 and to commemorate his first five years as an independent luthier, he founded the Stoney Creek brand. Named after a picturesque town in Canada that he visited during his time at Galloup, Frank designed a couple of guitar models. Of these, the Turmaline, Sapphire and Flint are still being built in Heiloo. A more recent development is the Sustainable Guitars, instruments built with idealistic things in mind like the environment, the climate and the planet. In addition, you can also have your own Custom guitar made.

What is special about Stoney Creek? First, every Stoney Creek guitar is unique. We don’t like to make a series of the same guitars because it is too much fun to build something new and different every time. The perk for the player is that you’ve got a one of a kind guitar. Second, we think that craftmanship is key. Therefore, a Stoney Creek is built by hand with a great eye for detail, so that every guitar gets lots of special attention. We like to use special kinds of tonewoods and aim for guitars that look gorgeous, play easily and sound authentic.

Stoney Creek Guitars
Nijverheidsweg 2C
1851 NW Heiloo
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-6-53721328

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